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Maintain your analog communication resources and leverage Grandstream India for a best-in-class, easy to set-up IP telephony blend. Grandstream’s HT series of Analog Telephone Adaptors is the market leader in India to enable the incorporation of traditional analog phones at home/office for a smooth shift to better modes of communication.

Secure Your Analog Communications with Grandstream India’s HT Series

Grandstream India provides the finest Gateways as well as ATAs for integrating analog and digital communication solutions in organization in India. The solutions deliver high quality and distinguished sound, easy setup and reliable connection for the High Definition video conference and efficient telework. This dedication makes us the best service provider of Gateways and ATAs for business in India.

Looking for the best Gateways and ATAs? Finally! You are now in Grandstream India, a leading communication solutions provider company in Chennai, India. As mentioned earlier our Gateways and ATAs support comprehensive voice, video, data, and mobility interfaces perfectly suitable for any organization. Enhance your communication network with easy to use interfaces for management and dependable local support. Discover how ‘Grandstream India’ aims to create an edge in Gateways and ATAs today!

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