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Take your conferencing and collaboration to the next level with professional video and audio conferencing systems. Grandstream India includes face-to-face visual communication and efficient audio conferencing services along with modern technologies. The solutions that we offer for conferencing do not interfere with the network and are very easy to use.

Take meetings and collaboration to the next level

Grandstream India’s business conferencing solutions are aimed at enhancing the quality of your meetings and cooperation. Grandstream India offers a series of devices that can be easily incorporated into any network and support both video and voice communication. GVC series in full HD video conferencing gives rich video interactions while on the other hand their audio conferencing phones GAC2500 provides high definition audio interactions. Experience the future of VoIP with Grandstream India’s innovative business conferencing services.

If you're in search of top-tier IP Video Telephony solutions, Grandstream India is one of the few providers of the best communication systems in Chhattisgarh. Its IP Video Telephony solutions have been carefully planned to support video, voice, data and mobility solutions for the corporate world. These solutions are not only scalable but also easily upgradable and have dedicated local support. Welcome to a new generation of VoIP with Grandstream India’s excellent business conferencing solutions.

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