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Ideal for small-to-medium sized businesses

A convergence solution is a solution that combines communication and networking. They enable connection, make it easy to accomplish tasks and are managed centrally in a business.


GCC6000 Series provides an extraordinary
all-in-one solution

The GCC6010 Series provides an extraordinary all-in-one solution that redefines the communications experience by GCC6010 Convergence Solution is provided by Grandstream India, the leading provider of UC + Networking Convergence Solutions in India. The GCC6010 Series provides an unprecedented, all-encompassing UC and networking package. This gives you the best connection, reliability and functionality for your business operations. By using the GCC6010 Series, the management of your communication systems is made easy and convenient hence enabling you to perform core business functions effectively. Whether you are managing a small enterprise or a big organization, the GCC6010 Series offers you what you need, meticulously and effortlessly. Take your business communication to the next level with Grandstream India’s reliable GCC6010 Series for best in performance and customer services.

Need UC technology? To optimize communication services in Delhi NCR, select GCC6000 Series by Grandstream India. Coherently integrate voice, video, data, and mobility. Extend easily with a variety of interfaces and local compatibility. You can now experience the difference that ‘Grandstream India’ is bringing to ‘unified communication.

GCC6000 Series

GCC6000 Series

Includes three models: GCC6010, GCC6010W and GCC6011

  • Built-in IP PBX provides voice & video communications with advanced collaboration features (PBX Upgrade options available)
  • Built-in firewall provides anti-virus, layer 3-7 IDS/IPS, DPI, SSL detection, and more
  • Built-in VPN router supports 2.5Gbps or 3Gbps to allow easy remote access 
  • Built-in network switch with 5 or 10 Gigabit ports, 4x PoE out ports, and 2x 2.5 SFP ports (GCC6010/GCC6011)
  • Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi 6 AP with 2x2 MIMO technology (GCC6010W)
  • Easily configure, deploy, and manage all Grandstream endpoints from one interface
  • Provides advanced security protection with encrypted traffic, secure boot, unique security certificates, and more
  • Managed through the cloud (GDMS), mobile app, local WEB UI, SSH, and SNMP
  • Multiple WAN ports with load balancing and failover to maximize connection reliability

Built-in Firewall

Built-in Firewall A built-in, next-generation firewall provides bank-grade security protection with VB100 Grade-A anti-malware certification, market-leading AI-based DPI, and more. Grandstream India, one of the leading UC convergence solutions providers across the country, offers these advanced security features, ensuring robust protection and seamless integration for all your communication needs. Their expertise guarantees top-tier performance and reliability for businesses of all sizes.

Enhanced Network and System Management

The GCC Series offers a secure, centralized platform for real-time deployment and management of an organization's entire network, ensuring enhanced visibility, streamlined operations, and improved security across all network devices.

Smart QoS and Reduced Data Latency

Grandstream’s GCC Series integrates networking and IP PBX functionality, significantly reducing latency. It features a smart QoS engine that ensures a smooth and seamless experience, even during heavy network traffic, optimizing performance and reliability for all users.

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